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Sunday, August 18, 2013

We have a MAVERICK!!!

On Thursday, August 15, we drove Baleigh to Tonkawa, OK to get her moved into her dorm room. Had a great lunch at El Patio with the family! Chris and I went to an informal parent meeting on campus while Brooke helped Baleigh organize her room.  As she walked us to the car, I felt the lump in my throat take me over! Tears were to follow, LOTS of them!  I know she will do great, and am beyond excited for her as she enters a new phase of life!
She was excited to start loading her car the night before.

Car #1 Packed

Brooke was all about helping her sister organize the room.

Chris was the designated "cable guy" as usual!

The view from Baleigh's room. NOC really has a beautiful little campus!

Can't believe I have a 9th grader and Freshman in college.

My baby girl and I.


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